1. Thermodyanmics and Solution Chemistry: I am interested in determining the densities, viscosities, refractive indices, ultrasonic velocities of various solution mixtures.  Focus is also laid on molecular interactions between substrates, solutes and solvents.  Many derived parameters and correlated equations also help in understanding the various changes that are observed and explain quiet satisfactorily the type and nature of bonding.

2. Protein and Peptide Folding and Misfolding: As an area of current interest, the main aim of this research is to study the molecular details, folding and aggregation behavior of proteins and peptides.  The native folds determine the function of proteins and proteins misfold to cause various diseases(e.g. Amyloidoses, Parkinson, Huntington). They also reveal the physical laws that drive this remarkable phenomenon and is a fascinating and highly challenging scientific task of paramount importance.  Despite an intense research activity in the fields of biochemistry, biology and physics, researchers are striving hard to understand the fundamental principles that govern the protein folding.

3. Design and Applications of Nanomaterials: A very advanced and interesting area in the present scientific world is the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials by various methods like microwave, hydrothermal, combustion and sol-gel.  Apart from their synthesis, it is important to focus on the application part of these nanomaterials in terms of storage devices, semiconductors, etc...

4. Theoretical Modeling and SimulationsTheoretical modeling and simulation studies are carried out to understand the molecular interactions between various systems, aggregation behavior of proteins and peptides, design functional materials.  A variety of computational techniques are used such as Molecular Dynamics, Ab-initio, Quantum Mechanical, Monte Carlo and DFT.

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