One of the most prominent and evident discourses in the present day world is the dialogue between scientists and science.  The complex but enduring relationship between science and scientists is a manifestation of unknown facts.  This multifaceted conversation has developed into a sustained and dynamic discourse with reference to Bhagavad Gita, an encyclopedia for everything and everyone.  Likewise, “Science” is something that reflects a prototype of the everyday life.  From its inception, bhagavad gita stood as a basis for many scientific inventions and discoveries.  After the first atomic bomb was detonated, Robert Oppenheimer famously recalled the Bhagavad Gita, “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky that would be like the splendor of the mighty one." and "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”  In contrast, Albert Einstein bitterly failed to understand gita in his early days and later repented saying everything else seems so “superfluous.”  However, many scientists denied the connection between gita and science without realizing the essence in it.  In making science a passion for the people, its foundation is being forgotten.  When formulating a successful theory, or performing a successful experiment, a scientist creates a new canvas through which one can observe the splendor of science in a new light.  Scientists without true knowledge are lame but knowledge without science is blind.  Science smiles in the midst of overwhelming sorrow showing the path to success.  Scientists should exemplify science as it is in the hope of invention or discovery.  In the course of an event, a scientist can end up in discovering things but falls short of invention as everything preexists in nature.  Right through this aging world, scientists have made remarkable contributions to science but ultimately their science has remained immortal leaving them mortal.  The game between science and scientists continues as a polymeric chain with n being infinity.  The test of science is ultimately not in the beauty of its construction but in featuring its eminence through knowledge.      


            The term “Quantum” although very familiar in physics and chemistry, is still obscure.  “Science” is something that reflects a prototype of the everyday life.  The terms Quantum and Science are interdependent by every action in order to exercise their duty.  All those seemingly self-evident truths become false which are relative to the observer and features of materiality such as clear boundaries in space and time, object location or even identity, do not pertain.  An emphasis is laid on the importance of artistic endeavors in scientific ones.  Quantum chemistry is often considered as a discipline that is widely occupied in all forms of artistic endeavors.  In order to explore the stereotype of the quantum science one should be logical, systematic and imaginative in his thoughts.  The quantum world involves finding systematic rules, analyses and explanation for the observed phenomena.  There seems a large room for creativity with the power of mathematics.  Nurturing these skills is a Phantom Art for many especially, with quantum science which requires keen observation and creativity generating curiosity and exhibiting fascination. The fact that science requires observation, creativity and relevance is perhaps self evident.  Quantum science requires more than observation, ability to interpret and break the intellectual boundaries to evaluate, and sometimes reformulate the very foundations of the field.  When formulating a successful theory, or performing a successful experiment, a scientist creates a new canvas through which we can observe the quantum world in a new light.  Although this seems to be a very strong criterion, quantum science imposes an even stronger one on itself: in order for any statement or theory to be considered scientific, it must be in principle falsifiable.  Einstein's theory of relativity involved creativity and insight, and at least in our mind, is a beautiful construction of the phantom art.  In general, quantum science may be termed as the basis for all theoretical and experimental investigations which has the potential to unveil the lure at the atomistic level.  The test of quantum science is ultimately not in the beauty of its construction but in featuring its eminence through phantom art.  It is therefore pushing the boundaries, not just of human knowledge, but also between science and art.

Global Warming: Needs Care Not Concern

We have been witnessing a strong decline of interest on the consequences of global warming.  It is our painful duty to alarm the world on global warming as most countries just express their concern and not care towards its minimization.  For example, the climate change conference organized by United Nations at Copenhagen was a total failure because of the cognitive dissonance.  Much of the debate was about the responsibility that prosperous nations have in supporting poorer nations.  If the global temperature continues to climb at the current pace, then the effect will be extremely large on the society depriving people of the basic necessities as nature does not differentiate between the rich and the poor.  It’s a pity that the discussion emphasized on the futures concern and not on caring measures.  For the few who have the urge to care, feel powerless to do anything because of lack of money and/or power.  The masses have to be educated about the adverse effects we may face in the near future.  It is high time for every individual to understand their responsibilities and contribute strategic ideas to trigger the process for minimization of global warming.  In addition to these, the international community, despite cultural and political differences should join hands and execute plausible actions with accessible resources to cut down the increasing hazards stemming from climate change and its impact on health and catastrophic damage to all.  Of course, it is to be argued that such cross-country relations do adequately take into account the tasks that need to be accomplished to save the only source for our survival.  Today, more than ever, we need to care with due concern.





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